• Vril-class fighter (Clawed Fist Fleet)
  • Kavir-class scout (Clawed Fist Fleet)
  • Saral-class destroyer (Clawed Fist Fleet)
  • Nich-class battleship (Clawed Fist Fleet)
  • Morden'kamir-class fighter carrier (Clawed Fist Fleet)
  • Volanta-class light transport (Merchant)
  • Volestad-class medium transport (Merchant)
  • Voluanfel-class heavy transport (Merchant)
  • Salaban-class light freighter (Merchant)
  • Huthurg-class medium freighter (Merchant)
  • Narok-class heavy freighter (Merchant)
  • Abashan-class barge (Merchant)

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