Made for the infamous widow Maryas Zahir in the year 342, the Nightwing bed was said to have surreptitously housed all the Fastheld nobles of that time for at least one night, male and female alike.

It is carved in the likeness of two giant bats, headboard and footboard, facing each other across the truly palatial expanse of mattress. The bats' wings, lovingly polished so their dark wood gleams lustrously, furl over the top of the bed and meet in the centre to create a concealing canopy.

Yellow gemstones are set as the bats' eyes, and every vein in the wings, every oversized piece of fur, seems to be carved with excruciating care and realism.

Since Maryas Zahir died at the hand of a jealous lover twelve years after the creation of her bed, the piece has briefly been resident at the Crescent Moon and subsequently spent some years at Hedgehem before falling into mystery.