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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Thu Jan 25 17:42:10 2007

New parchments have been put up in the main public establishments of the Lode: "Even those who were born with this unexplained powers the Church once outlawed were brought up to believe in the Light - in something greater and more mystical than all of us." The announcement goes on to explain how Baron Oren Nillu has put up the money to alter the currently (and mostly) unused constabulary building to serve as a makeshift temple of prayer. "It will not be as luxurious as the ones you can find elsewhere, at least not at first, yet it will be open to every man and woman who wishes to visit it. Among the rights of our citizens is the right to accept the Light and mages should not be forced away from such a privilege." Although there will be no priests presiding over the prayers, some books will also be donated for those who wish to partake in their own personal religious practices. "Let this be the start of something new and grand," the proclamation finishes.

Caravans of angry citizens still continue to pack the roads leaving away from Nillu's Lode and it is said the former Chancellor has even received death threats over the past few days. Although the situation seems to be escalating, things appear to remain under control and Oren Nillu assures that the Lode remains a haven for mages wishing to escape the hate of fearful ignorance.

There has still been no reaction to the disapproval the old nobleman seems to be facing from his own House.

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