Nillu's Lode is located in the Forest District south from the Central Bazaar along Silver Bear Road. It is, as its name implies, a holding of the Nillu family.

The Lode itself was founded in year 127 by the House Patriarch of that time, Hisam Nillu. It is a site of much commerce for the Nillu family as it is situated very near many of their mines. Prior to Nillu occupation, the land was a lush forested area with few human inhabitants and many animal. However, when it came time for the industrious family to build their active city, many of the trees were leveled for houses and official buildings and also to clear the land for mining purposes.

The town is small and tidy by appearances, boasting of a tavern and a crafters square among other businesses. Glittering Bear Keep is also located around Nillu's Lode, just south of the town's center. To the west along Nillu Road lies Silver River Keep and the large Glittering Bear North Mine, as well as the Stark Hills Excavation.