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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Thu May 18 20:23:10 2006

As the North of Fastheld remains hostile towards the new Emperor Zolor Zahir following the recent change in Government, officers of the Imperial Tribune were today sighted in the vast reaches of the Market District distributing leaflets to the Merchant classes advised them to remain on the southern side of the Fastheld River if possible.

Though the Imperial Tribune does not consider the River District to be an open threat to the security of the Empire, tensions between that region and the rest of Fastheld remain close to igniting open conflict - one that the Tribunal does not want Merchant Caravans aggravating by selling goods from supportive cities and regions to currently unsupportive ones.

Northwatch, Road's End, Eastwatch, Wedgecrest, Aegisport, and Sweetwater Fields, are all listed in the leaflet as being potential hotspots for conflict between Kahar Loyalists and their Zahir counterparts, mostly due to the number of Kahar holdings in the north, and the North Aegis Garrison in particular under the watch of Sirius Kahar - a staunch supporter of Talus Kahar before the former Emperor's death.

Captain Iselore Zahir of the West Aegis Garrison is believed to be in the River District at this time attempting to mediate the situation and win the north back around, but those who read between the lines may come to the conclusion that which most of the heartlands and the south of Fastheld are generally behind the new Emperor, the north is most certainly not, and more than a few soldiers and citizens have voiced concerns that the north is more than capable of breaking off from the Empire and holding the territories north of the Fastheld without difficulty.

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