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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sat May 31 19:32:04 2008

Political circles within Lomasa and Driscol territory report that House Driscol has gifted the township of Northreach to House Lomasa as a means of repairing the damage caused by the previous animosity between House Lomasa and the former House Nillu.

However, it is rumored that House Driscol haven't given away the township for nothing. It is believed that - aside from a substantial shift in political ties between the two Houses - House Lomasa may also assist in the funding of future House Driscol projects, and may permit the young House to purchase resources at discounted prices.

This has essentially solidified territorial control in a manner that adheres to the Crown's intentions of permitting greater flexibility in how each House manages their respective corners of the Kingdom.

In regards to Hawk's Aerie, it also believed that the Royal Crown and House Driscol have come to an agreement as to how the city will be managed. Hawk's Aerie will remain under the control and administration of House Driscol, and will be considered a detached territory.

However, it will adhere to Royal Law rather than local House Driscol laws, and shall be policed and maintained by the Royal Guard, essentially making it neutral territory that benefits House Driscol.