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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Tue May 09 16:14:53 2006

An opinion poll conducted by the Fastheld College of Scholors has determined that the majority of those asked about their views on the legality of Emperor Zolor Zahir's ascension believe that Prince Serath Kahar is dead, regardless of the claims of a recent broadsheet.

The opinion poll concludes that if Prince Serath Kahar had returned from his rumoured soujorn into the Wildlands, the Realm - and indeed, Emperor Zolor Zahir - would have gladly accepted his Stewardship and the continuation of the Kahar rule.

Others believe the Sovereign Prince to have died in, or soon after, the destruction of Light's Reach. Many more claim he died three years ago before the first sundering of the Imperial Horsemen. Some of those polled even believe that Serath Kahar never really existed.

The Master Scholor of the College determined that as much as some people may want the Prince - or, indeed, his brother the Emperor Talus Kahar XIV - no amount of desire nor animosity towards House Zahir will bring him back. "It is easy to name a man Serath Kahar and place that man on the Throne," the Master concluded, "Yet that man remains but a man, and not a Sovereign Prince of Imperial blood."

The Master of the College also believes that, whatever the circumstances of his fate, Prince Serath Kahar - like his brother, and many others - fell defending the realm against the Shadow, and will be honored by the Light and the People of Fastheld in that capacity for all time.

The opinion poll, and the comments of the Master and the Scholors who conducted it, can be attained from any academic facility in Fastheld.

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