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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Tue Jul 12 21:24:57 2005

MARKET DISTRICT - The recently arrested Tax Evader Tyrell Mikin's wing of the Fahral Mikin Craft School was reposessed with his imprisonment. However, rather than risk destabilizing the already ailing craft-school, the Tax Office decided to hold on to the wing of the educational Facility. "A new and unknown owner, possibly even a commoner, would put a very unknown element into the equation here." Assessor Nillu is quoted as saying.

Purchased by the Marchioness Sahna Nillu herself, the newly renamed Oren Nillu Wing has been given as a gift to the hard-working Regent. In a message to investors of the school, the Tax Assessor cautioned against financial panic -- "Lord Orell will continue to run the school, just as he always has; simply with the addition of my dear Uncle, the Regent, as a new shareholder. Of course, the overabundance of Mikin guards will be requested to find more important places to patrol, such as the new Light's Reach; Bladesmen will take responsibility for the school as well as the Regent's new Wing, as part of any Market District establishment."

Included in the former "Tyrell Mikin" wing are the kitchens, the indoor Dining Room, Parlor, and a set of luxurious quarters for the Regent. As part of the gift, Assessor Nillu is seeking craftsmen to provide works of fine art.

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