OtherSpace: The Farthest Star is an immersive interactive roleplaying saga that got its initial start back in 1998.

While the game so far spans years of contributions by both staff and players, there is an equally extensive history in the theme itself. OtherFlash consists of a period of time when special events will be run to tell those stories as they happened in the distant past or might happen in the distant future.

In order to participate, a player must simply create a character on the logon screen, go through the FlashGen exit, complete the process and choose an event. All the information you need is in those rooms or this Wiki. What makes OtherFlash special is that participants will only require a passing knowledge of MUSH commands and a description for their character. No biographies or detailed processes! This will give people a chance to try OtherSpace out with no strings attached.

FlashGen opens July 13, 2008.

The list of events so far is as follows:

We Who Stand Proud - July 16, 8:00 PM EST The story of the Nadyezchda ("Hope") and its crew, one of the few to remain back during the Nall assault on Youngster while the others are evacuated. Stranded and alone, they must face an enemy that creeps ever closer with a lust for victory in its heart. (Flashback)

The Price of Balance, Part 1: Gates of Time - July 26, 8:00 PM EST A group of scientists dispatched by the Vanguard is sent to investigate a mysterious asteroid which has appeared out of nowhere near Pluto. They must face not only the ghosts of the past without, but the monsters of the future within. (Flashback)

The Price of Balance, Part 2: Nature of the Beast - July 27, 8:00 PM EST New Paris has been overtaken by a group of rebels who demand independence. Aboard the Holy Judgment, the Allied Fleet crew must bring this insurrection to an end -- not only for the sake of peace and unity, but for blessings of the Holy Mother. (Flashforward)

This original-theme SF/Space Opera is the brainchild of author Wes Platt (OtherSpace: Red-Eye Flight), with creative contributions from dozens of players and staffers over the course of the game's evolution.