Echoes of the Everwar

The year is 4008.

The galaxy continues to recover from the Everwar - a brutal conflict between the Orion Arm Union and the Nexus Concordance over access to ancient Kamir technology discovered beyond the multiverse nexus that allows the thoughts and experiences of a dying person to be transmitted to the mind of a clone.

It took the intervention of the roguish Gray Syndicate to end the war. The best mercenaries that Union credits could buy jacked the tech from the Nall.

After four years of battles among the stars, the Union sought an uneasy peace with the Concordance. Although both sides agreed to a cease fire, neither side has officially declared the war over. That's a boon for the Syndicate, which capitalizes on demilitarized zones, embargos, and blockades.

The Nall have long memories, though. They're not likely to soon forgive the treachery of the syndicate. Revenge may be served with fang and claw.

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