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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Halagh
  • Reported When: Sun Jul 17 17:21:31 2005

UM-HALAGH - Hal'vinci, a longtime rival of intermountain rail enthusiast Hal'enheim, thinks Halagh should ditch any plans for an intermountain rail system. Instead, Hal'vinci has proposed something he called the Farflingerer. Those familiar with Hal'vinci's past works may find the new concept similar to his failed Goatapult. Basically, the system would use a large catapult to hurl passengers from one mountain to the other. Hal'vinci seems undeterred by the fact that some mountains are dozens of miles apart, insisting that if the subject is flung with enough velocity and at the proper angle, the only real concern is deceleration and landing. "Which I'll work on later," he growled, "and it'll be far better than anything ol' Hal'enheim might cook up."

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