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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sat Jul 07 22:50:08 2007

The Imperial Tribunal is reporting that, according the list of names and families provided by the Imperial Office of Census and Excise, the last of those who can be considered refugees of the old Light's Reach have now been resettled and allocated homes and places of trade within the reborn city.

Though not every family and individual who survived the disaster wrought by the Ravager have chosed to relocate, it is believed that the majority have chosen to do so, and Light's Reach now hosts a small but not insignificant population, though one that hardly makes use of that which is available.

It is believed that the agents of the Imperial Tribunal currently working in Light's Reach will now attempt to process the applications for those who wish to relocate who were not originally from Light's Reach. For the time being, this would seem to be restricted to Freelanders and Merchants; the auctioning of Noble estates is expected to occur when the demand is high enough.

It would also seem that the 'wild free-for-all' that the Imperial Watch feared would take place has not happened, and that while the potential stream of immigrants is worthy of note, it is far from a stampede. Regardless, security remains tight around the Twin Bulwarks, and many believe that this has so far proven to be an excellent proactive measure.

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