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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Mon Jul 04 14:04:44 2005

The following proprietorships have been placed for auction by the Imperial Government on this 10th day of Kilning, 625 ATA. For the next month, bids may be placed by a letter to Assessor Sahna Nillu. The winning of bidder will be expected to purchase and present a 20,000 IK shop deed to secure ownership of the property, as well as the bid amount tendered to the Imperial Treasury. Bidding ends one month from today, with winners to be notified by courier.

  • Market District Winery
  • Wineburn Booksellers
  • Kolenko Ironworks
  • Marble Grove Glassworks
  • Pounding Rain
  • Thirsty Trout
  • Roaring Hillocks Entertainment Hall (Separate from the tavern itself, which is already owned by Lady Nessa Nillu.)
  • Incarnadine Palate
  • Kira's Creations
  • Rand Textile Mill
  • Light's Crossing Jeweler
  • Hawk and Dove Tavern
  • Aegisport Tailor Shop
  • Aegis Fields (requires a farmland deed, not a shop deed.)

All of these businesses are open for viewing at this time.

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