623 ATA
"The Year of..."

Year Six-Twenty-Three After the Aegis of the First Age of Fastheld.

100 - Gatherin' 'o Peasants
Several hungry peasants attempt to con their way to food in Lightholder Tavern, with unpromising results...

101 - The Watchtower Tragedy

102 - The Arkadys

103 - The Perfect Storm - Part I

104 - The Perfect Storm - Part II

105 - The Perfect Storm - Part III

106 - Battle of Aerie Heights - Part I

107 - Battle of Aerie Heights - Part II

108 - Battle of Aerie Heights - Part III

109 - Battle of Aerie Heights - Part IV

110 - Red-Orange-Green
A jester provides meager entertainment as Emperor Talus Kahar XIV holds court in Fastheld Keep...

111 - The Hawk's Counsel
An assault on the tax assessor leads Gell Mikin to make a rather bold proposal in dealing with unruly peasants...

112 - The Lady's Wrath
Emperor Talus Kahar XIV holds court with the nobility of Fastheld and has a rather brusque confrontation with Lady Tomassa Zahir...

113 - By The Fireside
Two woodsmen of some renown -- one a wise old hunter, the other a ranger of the Imperial Crown -- meet in the farthest norths of Fastheld's river district...

114 - Authorities
A glance into the Sun's Keep, home to the Orders of the Light...

115 - Strings of the Shadow Puppet
Cygony Zahir is being held prisoner in the Warren, home of Adaer Kahar and his wife Dianna Lomasa, who had an affair with the Zahir. The cuckolded Lord of the Warren has accused his rival of being Touched, and the Right Hand herself arrives to hold the Examination...

116 - Lord Rascal's Dilemma
Jafron Seamel runs into trouble when he tries to persuade his uncle to give his blessing to a marriage with a vassal...

117 - Jafron's Choosing
Lord Jafron Seamel makes his choice between the respect of his uncle and the love of his servant...

118 - The Aegis Beckons
Mullis Seamel, a Bladesman in the Emperor's Blades and master of Wheathill Keep in the township of Silkfield, prepares to depart for his new assignment as Aegis Guardian...

119 - The Light Hungers
A priest of the Church of True Light arrives in the Lightholder Tavern, seeking a Shadow-Touched citizen for punishment...

120 - Shadows and Rain
Chance meetings at Lightholder Crossroads hold ominous undertones...

121 - The Lady Unhomed
Dianna Lomasa finds her way to the Lightholder Crossroads after the travesty of Lord Adaer's botched effort to frame Cygony Zahir as Shadow-Touched, and finds herself in an uncomfortable position...

122 - Songs of Another Tune
In the Lightholder Tavern, Alieron Mikin fumes over a Zahir slight, while a bard seeks gainful employment...

123 - Honor in My Eyes
Dianna Lomasa finds her way back to Vozhdya in winter's chill, and finds a friend in Althea Weaver.

124 - Where the Hawk Flies
Lord Markus Kahar of Vozhdya comes before Emperor Talus Kahar XIV to discuss the scandalous behavior of Lord Adaer Kahar, Lady Dianna Lomasa and Lord Cygony Zahir ... and to speak of justice...

125 - No Stew
Althea Weaver and Dianna Lomasa stop in the Lightholder Tavern for food, but don't get exactly what they'd expected...

126 - Morning in the Light
Althea Weaver continues her quest to find missing members of the Weavers Guild, and encounters Lucius Nepos at the Lightholder Tavern...

127 - Crossroads
The Emperor's Hawk, Gell Mikin, hunter of Shadow-Touched for the throne, has come to Vozhd Keep to investigate Lady Dianna Lomasa. He questions Lord Markus Kahar, and puts a difficult choice to the master of Vozhdya...

128 - Mercy and Sacrifice
As Surrector Gell Mikin's investigation proceeds, Lady Dianna Lomasa ponders how to deal with the ever-deteriorating situation...

129 - Facing Fate
Dianna Lomasa takes the direct approach with Gell Mikin, the Emperor's Hawk, trying to learn what awaits her if he declares her Shadow-Touched...

130 - Explanation
Markus Kahar must visit Surrector Gell Mikin to explain the disappearance of Dianna Lomasa on the night she had been intended for delivery as a prisoner..

131 - Emperor's Counsel
Alieron Mikin, Chancellor of Fastheld, seeks advice from Emperor Talus Kahar XIV on dealing with the recent installation of an embarrassing statue in Light's Reach by Zolor Zahir.

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