A phosphorescent, malleable, ductile metallic element that maintains distinguishing highly variable mechanical and optical properties unique to this particular substance.

Considered to be the most valuable material in Fastheld, it is also the rarest known to recent science. This precious element shimmers and refracts light seemingly of its own accord, glimmering with an internal seraphic hue that defies both scientific logic and reason.

The glow that this metal produces seems to have no actual point of origin or source, which has created a great deal of suspicion and discussion throughough the scientific and religious communities, with such accusations placed on the metal ranging from it being Shadow Touched, to Sun Kissed, to the actual tear of a Dragon, lending to it having been branded with the epithet of Drake's Tear(s).

Although especially uncommon in Fastheld and beyond, it has surfaced from time to time in recent history, and has also been found to have extraordinary attributes that grant it a level of unparalleled quality in regards to the items that it can produce.

Such items - like the Lady's Wing - are reknown for being especially effervescent when compared to similar items made of Iron and Steel, maintaining a level of weight far below the size of the item forged from it.

As well as the trademark glow that has served many as an unconventional light source, the edge of weapons produced from this seraphic metal is far deadlier than anything modern smithing techniques can usually accomplish, and never falls victim to dulling or nicks. Armor forged from Seraphite is known to be incomparable in it's defensive value, and jewelry that has the good fortune of being crafted from it maintain a lasting beauty that knows no rival.

Trivia: The name "Seraphite" was derived as a small in-joke between Staffers on Chiaroscuro. It comes from Bahamut's pseudonym of Seraphi, which he uses outside of the MUSH. This aside, Seraphite is entirely original, having no links to any other item from any other realm of popular or unpopular fantasy.

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