An affectionate name for an otherwise lethal weapon of war, Serendipity is a Bronze Longsword believed to have once been owned by Taithar Shadowlancer; a Knight of the Imperial Horsemen who served Talus Kahar V.

It consists of a flawlessly tapered and rectilinear 35-inch doubled-edge blade forged of reddish-gold bronze, with the edges of each side of the blade lightly rising to form the spade that runs the length of the blade in turn.

The elaborate hilt of this distinctive sword consists of a flattened pear shaped pommel overshadowed by a gently arched guard forged of gold.

The grip of the hilt remains a hock bottle in shape, with the core of the grip being of a gold composition, bound with gold wire to create an individual pattern before being covered in ashen leather in turn. The overall length of this obsidian weapon measures at around 46-inches, with a balance point roughly five-inches from the guard itself.

Though the age of this Longsword seems at least a centaury old, it looks - for all intents and purpose - newly forged, and innocent to the ways of combat regardless of all the blood it has drawn over the decades.

Taithar, so legend has it, was a devoted hunter of Wildlings; so much so that he made it his duty as a Knight-Errant to seek only this one path in life, and slay Shadow wherever he found it.

During one of his frequent sojourns into the Wildling Woods - an area deemed off limits under Imperial Law - Taithar became ensnared within a Wildling ambush. Finding his Horse slain, his Knife lost, and his Half-Pike broken in the wake of the attacks that followed, all seemed lost as he was backed into a corner.

Luckily for him - if being ambushed by a horde of Wildlings can be considered lucky to begin with - Taithar found this Longsword lodged in the tree he was backed up against and, pulling the blade, used it to fend off the attacks, and finally rout the Wildlings.

The blade was named Serendipity shortly after, if for no other reason than because of the vast luck involved in finding an old, yet flawless, Longsword in the middle of a forsaken forest, just when it was needed.

  • Status: Retired.