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Shadowbanes were - and, to a lesser degree, still are - the near-mythical leaders of the Church of True Light. Believed to be the elite among the Scourges ranks and second only to the Aurora, very little is actually known regarding the functions that the Shadowbanes once played, though some assume they acted as an "Inner Circle" of power and policy.

Though clandestine in nature of secretive in legacy, it *is* known that there are - or were - twelve Shadowbanes active within the Church of True Light at any one time.

This was established in the year 523 ATA when the Church sent all twelve Shadowbanes active at that time into the Wildling Woods in an attempt to purge the woods of all the evils they may have held. That all twelve Shadowbanes were lost spoke highly of the arrogance of the Church, and of the dangers of the woods.

Only nine of the Shadowbanes were ever found.

Since the collapse of the Church of True Light, the current number and status of the Shadowbane 'circle' has remained an unknown factor, as even the Stanchion refuses to share some secrets.

Though there is no longer an Aurora to lead them, the Royal Order of the Sovereign Crown (via information collected by the preceding Imperial Tribunal) believes that there are - or were - still twelve Shadowbanes active after the Church was declared a rogue faction by the Royal Crown.

It is believes that the Shadowbanes no longer work together, however, but rather each lead an individual faction estranged from the others, akin to how Sun's Keep and the Stanchion now relate to each other.

Of those assumed twelve, only a few can be accounted for. It is believed that Sun's Keep harbors one Shadowbane, while the Loremaster of the Stanchion is thought to be one himself.

A Zahiran Shadowbane joined the Imperial Tribunal (and now serves as a Knight-Errant) when Milora Lomasa became the Arbiter of the Imperial Cult for a short duration, and an individual (coincidentally) named "The Arbiter" who lead group of Scourges in an attack on East Leg in 627 ATA (and was killed in the same event) is thought to have also been one.

Those who are versed in the LORE of Fastheld can therefore conclude that there may well be another eight Shadowbanes still at large within Fastheld.

With Sun's Keep openly (though quietly) hostile towards the Kingdom, and the Stanchion (in contrast) doing their best to maintain an amicable relationship with the People of Fastheld, one can only wonder what smaller factions of the broken Church of True Light still prowl the hidden corners of the realm, and what their intentions for, and views of, the Kingdom may yet be...