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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sun Dec 17 18:55:51 2006

FASTHELD - Merchants in the employ of Darkwater Keep have announced that their shipping operations will be halted for ten days beginning this coming Cointaking, the 24th Day of Shadowreach. Darkwater's merchant ships, boats that have appeared with increasing frequency at Aegisport, Hawk's Aerie and the Market District, will halt at each of those three ports for overhauls and repairs. The bulk of the repairs will be conducted at Aegisport.

Darkwater is a Zahir Keep at the junction of the [[Lightholder and Fastheld rivers. Rumor and common knowledge is that they have subsisted for generations on an Imperial decree allowing them to take lawbreaking ships as a prize so long as the lawbreakers and any contraband are turned in to the Blades or, lately, the Watch. In just the past few weeks, though, boats with the Darkwater flag -- a raven atop crossed rapiers on a field of violet -- have been seen hauling cargo themselves, rumored to be precious jewels.

These boats have had a mix of typical armed Darkwater fighters - rivergoing privateers called Deepers -- and unarmed laborers aboard.

The Riverview Tavern at Aegisport is rumored to be stocking up on ale to prepare for the event. In the Palace District, the Crescent Moon has also announced an expected three-day closure after the Deepers return to the water, anticipating necessary repairs of its own.

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