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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Forest District
  • Reported When: Sat Jan 06 14:34:45 2007

Engineers from House Nillu have today announced that the Silver Bear Road - the main trade route between Nillu's Lode and what is now the Imperial city of Freehaven - has been officially repaired and rennovated, and able to accept commercial traffic once more.

Having fell into disrepair during a period that spanned between 611 ATA and 617 ATA, the old road was declared unsafe for commercial traffic and closed to merchant trade in 619 ATA. Though still travelled by Freelanders that called the forests between Nillu's Lode and what was then Vozhdya, the route became a sanctuary for Bandit groups who used the old trail to launch raids upon the two cities during the early 620s.

House Nillu undertook a project that sought to dislodge and ultimately remove the bandit presence from the forest in 623 ATA, and in 625 ATA finally began work on the reconstruction and repair of the throughfare without any Imperial assistance. The first month of 627 ATA this heralds the triumphant success of the project, and Silver Bear Road has been fully restored to its former glory, as well as updated with modern engineering techniques.

Trade caravans are now able to make the Freehaven-Nillu's Lode run in a third of the time it used to take them via the Imperial Throughfare and Nillu Road, and the project has been deemed a resounding success by all that travel upon it.

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