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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Fri Feb 02 17:52:08 2007

Rumors fly across Nillu Road and spread across the realm of a recent attack on Silver River Keep. They speak of a band of bandits who invaded the fortress and killed women and children; they speak of a single man who by himself cut the heads of all the guards; they speak of the Shadow invading the area and consuming the flesh of all those involved. Other rumors assure that Baron Orrendous Nillu (as some disgruntled locals have been inclined to call him due to other recent events) arrived on the scene and ordered all the guards hanged for their failure. More rumors even insist that the fabled Grinning Burus was there and that he has been in league with the Baron himself, as one of his hired Shadowspawned mages. In one tavern or two, words whisper that Mehler Seamel, the son of Baron Freius Seamel, was also there, sparking even more stories of a conspiracy by Orrendous Nillu, the Bane of Nillu's Lode, to hold noblemen for ransom to increase his profits. Such is the nature of stories that they grow and change.

No official statement has been released from Silver River Keep or by House Nillu representatives.

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