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  • Reported To: FHC
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  • Reported When: Mon Aug 08 19:58:37 2005

FASTHELD - 10th day of Huntsmoon, 624 ATA:

While most of Fastheld turns their eyes to the attempted assassination of the regent, a second shocking announcement is revealed. Today, Duchess Sahna Nillu revealed that Ex-Surrector Tomassa Zahir and Spymaster Aiden Zahir had mutually accused one another of treason. The trial was kept quiet until the acting Regent gave a verdict: Both of the nobles are detained until further notice in the confines of Bramblestone Keep together. Apparently, beneath the keep is the hidden infamous lair of the Black Rider, Goram Zahir himself, and both Zahirs mutually accused one another of trying to revive the dreadful figure of insurrection from the past. The Black Rider would raid the countryside in an attempt to instill panic and fear in the people in the time of Talus Kahar I as a method of covertly undermining the first emperor.

In the same announcement, the Duchess Nillu also mentioned her upcoming marriage, after a similarly quiet courtship. "Without the conflict of interest of us both holding seats on the council, I finally feel that it's acceptable the Duke Aiden Zahir and I to be married. After being divorced by my husband, the late Second Bladesmaster Eden Kahar, His Grace was a pillar of support and kindness when others looked down upon me. I will stand by him in the hour of his need as well, as per the courtship permission granted by the Regent Oren Nillu. I feel this should be a message to the realm; Let Goram Zahir stay dead at our hands. A thousand years is a long time to judge a House by the heinous actions of one man, and we see firsthand the tragedy that the long-dead traitor still brings into our lives. I ask Fastheld to judge the House Zahir for who they are now, not by who their ancestors were And to that particular House which I am wedding into, it is time to stand on your own, time to forge a new identity as who you are now, one of the six grand Houses that drive Fastheld to greatness. "

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