A seven-foot-tall staff of polished white river oak, with flame-shaped gilding embossed along the top of the staff, which is carved to form a sort of gnarled claw that contains a palm-sized light's eye gemstone. The bottom of the staff is capped with a three-inch cylinder of gold.

Originally wielded centuries ago by Light's Reach founder Fahral Mikin, the Staff of Light is made from the wood of a rare white river oak tree - rare in Fahral's age, extinct now - that grew along the slopes of the Valley of Blades.

It was on that battlefield along the Fastheld River where Fahral's son died in a Wildling ambush arranged by Goram Zahir and his cohorts, who had sought unsuccessfully to betray Emperor Talus Kahar I to his demise. Fahral was among the noblemen who gathered to witness the hanging of Goram Zahir and his co-conspirators. He used this staff to lift the coiled hemp rope to a Bladesman so a noose could be made and placed around Goram Zahir's neck.

These days, the staff is wielded by the patriarch of Light's Reach and the Order of the Flame during important ceremonies. When that gold cap strikes stone, it's a call for silence that's best heeded.