These are badges that can be earned by OtherVerse game staffers.

  • Evil Admin Badge: You're a Staffer on one of the OtherVerse games, and as such are part of the Evil Conspiracy™
  • Checkmark Charlie Badge: Approve five new player applications on one of our games in a week.
  • Special Edition Badge: Post the most IC news articles on one of our games in a month.
  • Laurence Olivier Badge: Participate with one of your characters in at least three activities or events that you don't manage on any or all of our games in a month. Log the events and post them in the OV Wiki, properly formatted and categorized.
  • Dear Diary Badge: Keep a regular blog, livejournal or forum thread (linked from a staffer page here in the OV Wiki) in which you discuss ideas about the games, thoughts on possible characters, systems, etc.
  • David Mamet Badge: Run at least three different one-night events on one of our games in a month.
  • Shakespeare Badge: Run at least six different one-night events on one of our games in a month.
  • Homerian Epic Badge: Satisfactorily execute and log a three-month story arc on one of our games.
  • Madison Avenue Badge: Promote one of our games in 10 confirmable online spots.
  • Pie-Covered Fingers Badge: Staff on all active games.
  • Thomas Edison Badge: Code a spiffy system on one of our games.
  • Day Planner Badge: Make use of the +calendar system more than anyone else on one of our games in a month.
  • Benjamin Franklin Badge: Serve as a level-headed arbiter between players and staffers on one of our games.
  • Vote Rocker Badge: Routinely promote use of the +vote system by players.
  • George Patton Badge: Lead a successful charge to get at least one of our games into the top 10 on both Top MUD Sites and the MUD Connector during a ranking period - and maintain that ranking for at least a week.
  • Soapbox Badge: Become a discussion leader on our forums, interacting with players and generating interesting topics to chat about.
  • Super +Strength Badge: Process and resolve the most +strs in a month on any of our games.
  • Multitasker Badge: Complete the most projects in a month, whether it's running events, building new RP locations, or coding new systems.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Badge: You've built a significantly sized section of the grid on one of our games.
  • Webslinger Badge: You've worked on website design for the games of

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