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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Forest District
  • Reported When: Wed Jan 17 23:05:26 2007

Locals in the village of Hedgehem have reported sightings of a strange creature, neither man nor Wildling nor bog ape, in the moors during the past week.

Witnesses say it wears clothes and armor like a man, but its nose is long and hooked, and its mouth is twisted into an evil grin. Two horns sprout from its head which is covered in matted hair. Some say it fits the description of Grinning Burus, a monster of legend who was chased out of Fastheld by the Church of True Light. Some say the monster has returned to wreak havoc now that the Church has been disbanded, and there is already one report of an attack on a carriage near Zahir Road. The Imperial Watch has been sent to investigate the incident and question locals.

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