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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Palace District
  • Reported When: Sun Apr 23 03:24:27 2006

Fastheld Keep has finally released an official statement regarding the rumors that have been circulating over the possibility of Duhnen Seamel's resignation as Imperial Surrector. The duties of House and family have regrettably forced the nobleman to step down from the Council, with deep thanks from the State for his time of service and best wishes on his future endeavors.

In what is perhaps an unusual and unexpected twist to the matter, Oren Nillu - Imperial Chancellor and currently Head of the State until a Regent is chosen - has named Baronet Ester Shardwood Acting Surrector for the time being. In his public announcement, he had this to say: "His Imperial Majesty, may the Light keep him safe, tried to instill in us an acceptance to change, which is indeed an unavoidable part of life. Times will dictate the pace at which the wheel of change spins, but for now I can promise that I will no longer jeopardize important jobs within this Empire by sacrificing them in the name of station. Lady Ester Shardwood will sit on the Council for as long as this title is hers and no nobleman or woman of higher standing will have the power to question her authority in matters pertaining her position."

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