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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: River District
  • Reported When: Sat Jan 27 19:34:54 2007
River District - Engineers of the Imperial Watch report that they have fully completed a project fully funded by House Kahar that was started in the late in 626 ATA: The construction of Sweetwater Road, and refurbishment of Eastwatch Road, and the construction of the Eastwater Crossroads between the two.

Developed to fully capitalize on the Sweetwater trade and population boom, Sweetwater Road provides a direct route to and from Eastwatch, Sweetwater Fields, and the main Market Road trade artery that runs north-south between Eastleg and the Market District, crossing through Eastwater Crossroads along the way.

Remaining an independent Township under the protection of the Imperial Law and the local administration (and funding) of Countess Nillu, House Nillu have had no reason to question why the road was funded by House Kahar.

However, Merchants are quick to point out that Sweetwater Roads remains a perfect east-west extention of Eastwatch road, and was therefore not entirely built for selfless reasons, with Eastwatch being able to quickly process the river-bound trade of Sweetwater exports while taking a cut of the shipping costs. Trade between Eastwatch and Sweetwater is nevertheless flourishing thanks to the extention of the road, and Merchants across Fastheld are happy to see the old dirt roads replaced by cobbled-highways of the highest modern-Imperial standards.

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