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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Thu Jun 30 14:59:57 2005

FASTHELD - In the early evening today, Bladesmen across the realm arrested tax evaders on a set of warrants released this morning by the tax office. Interestingly enough, the list of those wanted by the crown this month has quite a few high-profile names in evidence.

As if in response to the rumors of Vozhdya's troubles, the Warren itself has been reposessed with the arrest of Count Adaer Bryce Vozhd-Kahar II, fueling increasing rumors of the city's insolvency. As part of the hereditary contract with the government, noble houses are expected to pay land taxes for the lands they hold-- Breaking all claim of house ownership if these duties are neglected. Residents of Vozhdya won't find out if another Kahar or some other noble house will fill the keep until the government releases the hold on the property and auctions it off; A process that tends to take several months.

Also, chasing on the heels of Duke Orell Mikin's narrowly averted financial disaster, it would seem that part of his family hasn't been so lucky. Lord Tyrell Mikin, part-holder of the Fahral Mikin Craft School, was led into the dungeons this afternoon. It's hard to speculate where this will leave the ailing craft school, so soon after the loss of confidence by investors last month.

In a third noble arrest, Baron Astian Nillu was imprisoned and his keep of Silver River, along with the surrounding ore-rich Stark Hills, were also reposessed by the government. With the clamor for stone to be used in the Light's Reach rebuilding project, the timing is impeccable.

Asessor Nillu released a brief list of others who had been arrested less remarkably this month, listed as follows:

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