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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Wed May 28 13:54:16 2008

With House Nillu and Seamel now merged into House Driscol, and with the Crown having granted greater territorial control to each of the Noble Houses in recent months to a point where each House now has a definitive territory marked with boundaries and local laws, it is rumored that the fate of Northreach - previously a holding of House Seamel, though not (apparently) constructed by them - is now in question.

The township of Northreach sits at the northern end of the Northreach Road, nestled between House Valoria and House Lomasa territory. This essentially makes it a disputed region, though it has been made clear that House Valoria has no designs to make a claim on it.

With House Valoria having no desire to make it their own, this could be said to place it firmly within House Lomasa territory, albeit on the western edge. Considering the previous conflict between House Nillu and House Lomasa, many wonder if House Driscol will just grant control of Northreach over to House Lomasa as an offering of good will, thus drawing a line in the proverbial sand and starting relations with House Lomasa anew.

There have also been reports that with Hawk's Aerie now resting within Royal Territory (namely, neutral territory under the direct governing of the Royal Crown), the Crown itself is looking to annex the city and place it under Crown Rule.

Though previously governed by House Nillu, the merge with House Driscol and the emphasis on territorial ranges has meant that the governing of the city has also been placed in question. The general consensus from the House Nillu divide of House Driscol seems to be that they would rather not give up their connections to the city, though the opinions of the House Seamel bloodline seem more ambiguous.

Be that as it may, it is also whispered that the Royal Crown will not offer funding or building permission to House Driscol for the rebuilding of Apple Village unless some concessions are made first.