Founded in 171 BTA by the noble Zerral Frenti, this city was once known as Silver Valley for its inestimable silver mines. By the time the Aegis was raised and the Frentis were absorbed into House Nillu, the city was a rich cultural center in Fastheld, even thought its silver mines had been depleted twenty years earlier.

However, in 183 ATA, a highly-contagious plague hit Western Fastheld, blinding its victims before killing them. Talus Kahar V made the decision to quarantine this area off in order to stem the tide of this plague. Half the city was dead within a year, and the other half were killed when the Emperor sent in the Blades to finish them off. A fire was started during the panic of the slaughter, burning over a third of the city to the ground. Silver Valley dropped from the third most populous city in Fastheld to a ghost town in a matter of a year.

In the year 202, a large group of brigands known as the Fetters broke into the quarantined area (now beginning to be referred to as the Shadow District), and set up shop in the abandoned city, renaming it after themselves. Other lowlifes would soon follow, and the city began to be divided into quadrants depending on what gang ruled that turf. The Fetters, Rattlebones, Shellbeetles, Hunches, and Elktails all vied for power in the crumbling city, and the streets ran red with blood for many years. Eventually, the Fetters, Shellbeetles, and Elktails emerged victorious, and the Hunches and Rattlebones were disbanded. Time did what warfare could not, and by the 500's, even the victors' gangs were much smaller and less influencial.

In 511, a landless grandson of Yontalas Lomasa by the name of Bellan Lomasa took fifty of his Ducal Guard and stormed the Shellbeetles' turf, driving them out of the city. He turned the district into a kingdom of his own (some say to assuage a midlife crisis), living a double life with his wife and child in East Leg half the time, and his harem, thugs, and gladiatorial matches he'd preside over in The Fetters during the other half. He is said to have been thrown off Stalwart Falls by a band of brigands in 538, and his district has been under dubious noble rule ever since.

Now, the city is ruled by over a dozen smaller gangs, and is a center for Shadow District activity, housing tens of thousands of peasants and other dregs of society.


Elktail Quarter

Shellbeetle Quarter

Rattlebones Quarter