A leatherbound tome, full of parchment pages that are neatly inked in elegant Fastheldian script by Siobhan Nillu. More than five decades ago, the creative thinker put her poetic thoughts on paper between the covers of this book. It is embossed with a title: The Greening Fields

One of the most well-known and favored poems in this volume is the book's namesake, The Greening Fields:

Stormclaw behind, icy fields thawing,
The shadows of winter loom no longer.
Renewal. Rebirth. The glorious greens emerge from subdued browns and grays.
The hours of Light grow longer, keeping Shadow at bay.
The nothing smells of ice and frozen possibility give way to the verdant odors of growing crops and sparkling potentialities.
A time of promise.
Would that it could be eternal.

  • Status: Retired