.o.      If ever there was a weapon to capture the sheer ferocity
    (;)      of a Great Drake, then The Lady's Wing is the
    (;)      one true weapon that can ever hope to claim to do so.
 .  (;)  .   An ancient and utterly legendary Greatsword)] by
 |\_(;)_/|   classification, The Lady's Wing appears to have been 
 / _(=)_ \   shaped into a somewhat abstract representation of the
/ / /|\ \ \  wing of a Drake, except that where the real thing is made
|/  \o/  \|  of scales, this greatsword has, instead, been forged
    /8\      of Seraphite)], granting the vast five-foot blade
    \o\\     of the weapon a remarkable bluish-white hue that seems to 
    /8 \\    radiate a dull cobalt-blue glow all of its own.
  //|8|\\    To complement this already phenomenal feature, the blade 
  // o||     of the weapon features a highly unconventional jagged 
  //|8||     design that even the greatest of Imperial Weaponsmiths
    |o||/\   could never hope to come close to replicating which, 
   /|8||/\\  combined with the already deadly keen edge that Seraphite
   ||o\/ ||  itself provides, grants the weapon a damage potential
   |/\   ||  far greater than any others of its type.
 /\  / . || 
//\\//||\/|  However, The Lady's Wing is also very light compared to
\| \/ ||\/   standard greatswords, which only adds to the already
 \\   ||     impressive amount of features that the sword boasts.
  \\  ||    
   \\ //     Arcane runes flow down either side of the unique blade,
    \V/      seeming to burn with phosphoresce light, while the
     V       crossguard and hilt remain forged of a Gold
             that seems purer than anything found in Fastheld itself.
Obsidian leather, as dark as the abyss itself, remains wrapped around the auric gold of the hilt,
flowing from crossguard to pommel in length. It seems as if this leather has been tanned from
something that doesn't exist anymore, for the texture and sheer strength of the grip allows it to 
be wielded with deft precision, and seems able to stand the test of time without issue. 

As ancient as this blade must be, spanning thousands of years since its creation, the level of
complexity, and indeed the sheer quality of the weapon, ensures that The Lady's Wing befits she
who owned it through the ages. Finally, almost as an afterthought, an inscription on the pommel
of the greatsword reads: