The Office of Resources oversees the management of all Imperial resources. The head of this Office, the Imperial Trademaster, is in charge of hiring people in order to execute the following duties:

1) Ensure the flow of day-to-day activities in the Market District by meeting, whenever necessary, with the various heads of guilds.

2) Ensure the safekeeping of all Imperial woods and keeping tabs on the general movement of wood as an asset in the realm.

3) Ensure the safekeeping of all rivers and keeping tabs on traffic on them.

4) The administration of Imperial quarries across the land and keeping tabs on the traffic of minerals in the realm.

5) The administration of the Imperial Treasury and the control of taxes across the realm.


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This office represents consolidation of the positions Watermaster, Tradesmaster, Quarryman, Woodsman, and Assessor, and all related duties. Basically, FOIR covers the government's stake in all things material, from taxes and trade to forests and the Fastheld River. The office was formed by Regent Oren Nillu early in the moth of Kilning, 625 ATA. Initially, this seat was held by Duchess Sahna Nillu, but after a falling-out with the emperor she was dismissed publically from office. Several months later, Abon Nillu took up the duties of FOIR, and the tax office itself was split back into the Assessor's positon; This was held, once again, by the re-appointed Sahna Nillu.

Sahna Nillu was dismissed when Zolor Zahir usurped the throne, abolishing taxes. Currently, nobody has been appointed as a replacement, so all that remains is the skilled crafter registry. (Feel free to add your craft info in-- This is an IC document so it can be used to locate crafters.)

Imperial Crafter Registry

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