Long ago, there lived three sisters under the curse of the Shadow’s Touch. None knew their secret, which they kept hidden in strict confidence amongst themselves. Trained in the arts of healing, they would lure their customers into solitude and there use their powers to cure them. So attuned were they to their abilities that they could prolong the life of those they helped.

Yet their secret could not stay hidden, for their own lives never diminished, not even with the passing of years. People began to notice these three sisters who would not grow old.

“Let us make a pact,” they said one night, when news reached them of their upcoming doom. Word of their existence had finally reached the Duke, who now rode towards their home in order to capture them in the name of the Light and Church.

Together they fled into the forest, deep within the woods, traveling without rest under the green canopy above. Yet they were no match for the noble and his men. Once it was clear that the end would soon be upon them, they clasped their hands and joined in a circle.

They say the Light guides our way and keeps us safe as we sojourn through life. They say it is so powerful that the Holy Glow will defeat the Shadow on each turn. Yes, so they say.

Yet they also say that on that day, from somewhere deep in the forest, came a light that would blind the sun itself. It washed across the land for miles and miles.

When villagers from the township sought out their liege lord and the fate of the three sisters, they found no trace of them.

It is said that to this day, there is a place somewhere in the woods where the trees grow twisted and malformed, where voices whisper in agony during the nights, where even wild animals do not dare enter. There is place in the woods that stands as a symbol that much as life eternal can be a blessing, so can it be a curse.

And among all the sounds of horror and anguish, they say if one strains their ears hard enough a song can be heard: the song of three sisters who once made a pact never to be found and punish with eternal life all those who try.

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