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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Fri Jul 15 14:02:29 2005

Duke Aiden Zahir, who has recently taken proprietorship of the whole of Bellan's End in the Shadow District, is pleased to announce that a fete of gourmet food, exquisite entertainment, and gratuitous bloodsport will be held at the revitalised Tooth and Nail in the coming week. Free food, wine, entertainment, and a gladiatorial match between Borax the Blue and Yabo the Yellow (both painted to remain easily identifiable as bodily features are ripped, hewn, severed, and otherwise removed) will be provided. All Fastheldians of Citizen or higher class distinction are invited to attend, and what is more to place bets on the gladiators. Bets of no less than 500 kahar imperials (and no maximum) will be accepted, starting now, and may be relayed in person or via courier to the Duke up until five minutes before the fight, which will be the last event of the fete. The winner's stakes, which will be handed out to those lucky enough to bid on the prize fighter, promises to include a purse enriched by 100,000 imperials from the Duke's own largesse.

In addition to the fight, rumors abound that a special door prizes will be handed out, to include, for one lucky and already ennobled Fastheldian, their very own castle!

So come one and come all!

Place your bets NOW!

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