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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sun May 06 17:36:22 2007 2007

EAST LEG - Duke Norran Lomasa has recently announced the founding of the Cross-Fastheld Unrestricted Tournament Circuit, a league intended to be open to challengers from all walks of life. "The competitions will be open to either Noble or Freelander, and will feature a large array of games such as the traditional melee, joust and fencing along with archery, duels and even horse racing," wrote the Duke, a known tournament competitor and enthusiast. "Even Touched will be permitted to compete, but not if they use their abilities during the tournament. Such actions will be responded with an immediate disqualification and ban from the league. Local authorities may even be brought in depending on the grounds' jurisdiction."

The Duke Lomasa has also announced the completion of Warlan's Field - tournament grounds at Riverhold Castle south of East Leg named after the late Baron Warlan Fustian Lomasa, former Horselord of the Imperial Horsemen and the Duke's uncle. He also stresses that, while he has founded the circuit, that he has hopes to bring the tournaments to any tiltyard and tournament ground that will host them in Fastheld. Tournaments will be announced weeks in advance, and potential competitors are encouraged to send their intents and which competitions they'd like to enter beforehand. A small entry fee will be required while monetary and other rewards will be offered for victors.

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