Old legends in Halagh tell of the dashing dirigible pilot Hal'robur who became the captain of the Blue Pardcat, the largest airship in the history of Halagh. He set out from Halagh to explore the unknown lands beyond, encountering the fantastic and strange. He began collecting souvenirs of his travels around the world and kept an extensive log of everywhere he'd been. The Blue Pardcat, its crew, and Hal'robur himself supposedly met their end battling an enormous monster at the frozen wastelands at the top of the world. The ship crashed and sank beneath the ice, taking the collection of relics and treasures with it. Many consider the stories to be a myth, but some Halaghi think that the collection, if found, would be marvelous insights into the world beyond Halagh. One of these Halaghi was Hal'bohr, the Burok who founded the Marvelventions and Milerocks Exhibitarium in Ur-Halagh.

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