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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Palace District
  • Reported When: Sun Feb 04 07:00:25 2007
Imperial Tribunal - The Imperial Tribunal makes it known that the bounty posted by one Baron Oren Nillu is perfectly legal within the confines of the Imperial Law.

Ester Shardwood, the Tribunal states, is a known and wanted criminal and currently remains a fugitive of the Empire, wanted for various offenses including continued subversive actions against the Crown, the Empire, and the People, as an Unmarked Mage of the Shadow.

Ester Shardwood is deemed as a highly dangerous individual and renegade and should be treated with the utmost of caution. The Emperor himself has shown a personal interest in the apprehension of this individual following her escape - via the use of the Shadow - from the Fastheld Dungeons.

In this light, the Imperial Tribunal welcomes any incentive for this criminal to be tracked down and brought to justice. The Tribunal document continues to state that the infamous deeds of this renegade Mage are having a truly negative impact upon the People's reactions to the Shadow Amnesty, and that Marked Mages and Citizens across the realm owe it to themselves to put an end to this betrayer of their trust.

Providing the Imperial Law is upheld at all times, it concludes, the bounty posted by one Baron Oren Nillu is sanctified by the Imperial Tribunal, and deemed to be within the spirit of the Noble Houses adopting some of the responsibility of the Law.

The Empire is Law.
The Law is Sacred.

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