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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Market District
  • Reported When: Wed Nov 01 16:48:52 2006

Rumors circulating from the Market District suggest that a number of people have associating themselves with small pockets of "cultist" factions who have taken to worshipping Drakes.

The aptly named "Cult of the Drake" is gaining popularity with some socials circles within the Market District, usually among bored Nobles who have grown tired of stately pleasures and now wish to dabble in things more exotic.

The Emperor's Blades stationed in the Market District have reported breaking up two "social events" that the "cult" has held - usually in townhouse basements - and sending around twenty people from each on their way.

Although the Imperial Tribunal is warning people not to associate themselves with such a practice, it does seem that the popularity of these "social cult events" is sporadic and limited at best, and fully contained within the Market District.

Some Scourges have reported detaining a handful of people who have been dealing in darker practices on behalf of something they name as "Xil'varath". However, the current status of the Church of True Light makes it difficult to investigate such claims.

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