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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Thu Jul 05 11:34:55 2007

In sharp contrast to Duke Nillu's own opinions, there are those within the Imperial Watch - and, indeed, within the Nobles Houses and House Nillu itself - who have begun to question the suitability of the House Nillu Guard.

Though it is known that House Guards are not as capable as officers of the Imperial Watch, the unusually frequent attacks upon Duke Nillu and the Nillu's Lode area have prompted calls for the Imperial Watch to investigate the Nillu House Guard for corruption, with fears that some officers may be turncoats, accepting bribes, or even turning a blind eye to banditry in the Nillu's Lode region for a share of the profit.

The Captain of the Silkfield Guard and members of his Town Guard within that township are reported to be especially concerned, as events that transpire in Nillu's Lode are often within striking distance of the Seamel territory, and such lapses may compromise Silkfield's own efforts to enforce the law that has been entrusted to them.

Duke Nillu's opinions have also drawn fire from other quarters of the Empire, with some nobles criticizing the Duke for scorning the Imperial Watch for a failing they are not to blame for, while others denounce the mention of Light's Reach as a weakly veiled attempt to slander House Kahar, especially when one considers that the Imperial Watch operations in and around Light's Reach have no impact upon those conducted on the opposite side of the Empire, and that the Tribunal's operations have no relevance at all. Nobles of House Mikin are said to be especially upset at House Nillu for the Light's Reach barb.

There are even rumors that suggest that the Duke Nillu may be staging the frequent attacks or - indeed - even working in tandem with local bandits to gaint public sympathy in an effort to fuel his own political agenda. After all, the Duke's 'open arms' policy on unmarked Shadow Touched that undermines the established Imperial policy, and the recent - questionable - violence relating to it, are well known by all.

Unlike the recent scandal surrounding the Hawk and Dove Tavern's masquerade ball, this is a subject of quiet debate that is not so much bandied around taverns, but rather discussed in the privacy of manors and keeps by those who have a vested interest in such political movements.

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