In the year 3099, with the final pivotal split between the Grimlahdi and the Zangali, the Zangali set aside the ancient tenets of the Zanitrivex. So many Grimlahdi practiced the worship of Zan and his teachings that the Zangali felt the deity no longer represented their ways and beliefs.

So it was that the Zangali elders, in their wisdom, adopted the bold teachings of a heroic Zangali known as Urfkgar, the former Apex of Grimlahd. After his death in 3067, Urfkgar's diaries were discovered and published by historians. His words often spoke of "stupid softskins," "carrots," and "fuzzballs."

The teachings of elder Urfkgar, known collectively as Urfism, have been interpreted so that all humanoids are considered suspect and unintelligent, carrots are a sacred food destined for consumption only by Zangali, and that Demarians are intended as pets.

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