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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sun Jul 03 13:37:39 2005

(A copy of this missive is posted in every city and town in the realm)

By the declaration of Duke Renkek Kahar II:

It is hereby proclaimed that the name of "Vozhd" no longer be attached to any noble names. All those of Vozhd ancestry, should they be a part of the nobility, are now either considered Kahars or, if married into another house, adopted by that other house. The Vozhd lineage itself is considered dissolved at the time of this proclamation.

The city formerly known as Vozhdya will be known as Aegisview from this time forward, and Vozhd Keep will be known as Aegisview Keep.

The Warren as well as the Mines have been separated from Aegisview and Kahar lands and placed into Imperial ownership, for the government to utilize as they so deem fit.

After two months have passed, the Imperial Council will be asked to vote upon the current state of Aegisview. If the city has not been returned to a healthy prosperity, my title and lands will not be confirmed and another line will be sought. Should the council vote that my work has been adequate, I will be confirmed as the permanent Duke of Aegisview, and my hereditary line will continue as the legitimate heirs to the city and keep.

So signed and witnessed,

Renkek Kahar II Sahna Nillu

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