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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Thu Jul 07 01:36:34 2005

AEGISPORT - Gnarlshells adhere to docks and their support beams, their thick, sharp shells cutting deep ridges in any boats that dare to venture near, and threaten to eat the once-magnificent Wildcat Wharf entirely. Planks creak dangerously, threatening to give out. Portside merchants, once plentiful, have begun to leave the city in droves for more well-cared-for townships. Once one of the greatest harbors in Fastheld, Aegisport's port is quickly falling into major decay. Some outsiders point to the shame that came from the loss of the Emperor in this township as the reason for the decline, but those that live there are quick to point to the long-standing lack of governance.

Says one Fin Reed, "We haven't had a Portmaster for years now, or anyone else to take care of the fishermen and the traders. Even Hawk's Aerie, for all their problems, treats 'em better. Shades, I haven't even seen any of Lord Alath [Kahar's] vassals in almost half (of a) year. You think he's died or sumpin'? They'd tell us, right?"

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