Dire Badger

Dire Badger.

Dire Bear

Dire Bear.

Dire Boar

Dire Boar.

Dire Wolf

Dire Wolf.

Wildform is the Druidic ability to take on the form and persona of a dire creature, adopting the attributes of that animal for whatever duration they choose. In such a wild form, the Mage is still able to speak and communicate with those around them, but unable to use the skills learned through the teachings of humanity.

For example, one cannot use the Marksmanship skill if they have adopted the form of a Dire Wolf.

Unlike Bruteform transformations, Wildform transformations often include clothing and equipment, blending those elements into aspects of the chosen form. For example, an equipped Silver Longsword may be implemented into the form as silver claws, while a set of Studded Leather Armor may result in black fur with white spots.

The forms available to the Mage are as follows:

  • Dire Badger
  • Dire Bear
  • Dire Boar
  • Dire Wolf
  • Dire Raven
  • Dire Snaplizard

Dire animals are distinguished by the large quill-spikes that usually protrude from the nape of the neck or along the back, are often twice the size of their natural counterparts, have pronounced claws and teeth, and usually harbor an unworldly red glow within the depths of their eyes.

Note: The Wildform skill dictates both the success of the transformation *and* any skills related to the change in shape that one might wish to roll. For example, to dictate how well a Dire Wolf could chase down someone, one would roll the Wildform skill. For a Dire Bear to attack someone, one would roll Wildform.

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