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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: River District
  • Reported When: Tue Dec 05 15:23:04 2006

Concern has been raised for the safety of the crew of a vessel known as "The Emissary" after two officers of the Imperial Watch happened upon the wreakage of the vessel while on routine patrol around the area of the Lightholder River known as the Jagged Run.

A popular haven for smugglers and other miscreants, Jagged Run is an area of the Fastheld River between Wedgecrest and East Leg No bodies were found at the location of the wreakage, leading the officers to fear that the crew of the vessel may have drowned and been swept down-stream by the current, or - even worse - brutally kidnapped or murdered by river pirates, preying on shipping vessels that run between the Market District and the various Townships that rest along the river.

It was, as one officer put it, a curious find to make upon what was one of the very first riverside patrols conducted by the newly formed Imperial Watch.

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