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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Thu Jun 09 11:39:58 2005

FASTHELD - Laoya Zahir has died in an apparent accident in Fastheld's Market District.

Her body was discovered early today by chief auctioneer Yeebay Sellers as he arrived for work and noticed an odor from beneath the auction platform. It seemed the body had been beneath the platform for at least a couple of days, and Sellers told the local magistrate that he recalled seeing Laoya Zahir perusing items up for auction earlier this week.

It appears Laoya Zahir wandered around the back of the platform, possibly to get a better look at a raven sculpture made by East Leg artist Sania Green, and then stumbled down the steps into the sub-platform storage area and struck her head on a black marble rock wolf sculpture, also by Green. The Zahir noblewoman then apparently managed, despite her grievous injury, to crawl behind a stack of crates full of wire spools that have gone unsold since 623.

"I'm terribly sorry that this happened," Green said, "especially as it relates to my creations. This is a terrible, terrible tragedy. So, I'll be offering the rock wolf sculpture at half price."

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