Zero Gravitas
Image of Zero Gravitas
Identification Number BASSVDR6601642
Registry Independent
Class OCI Light Hauler Mark I
Type Racing
Owner Theodore Finch
Master Theodore Finch

Zero Gravitas is a 50-Meter-Class Racing vessel originally owned by Samuel Harkness of Sivadian Fueling Systems, Incorporated. Its current crewmembers are pilot Damien Mathis, navigator Matthew Mathis, and mechanic Theodore Finch.

In 4009, when the Stars and Garters Casino was lost through a space-time rift, Theodore Finch and Zero Gravitas went along with it.

History and Technical DetailsEdit


Zero Gravitas was built from 4005 to 4007 in the Blackwell and Sons shipyard over Sivad. Starting with an OmniCorp Industries Light Hauler Mark I Series C hull dating from 3984, engineers removed much of the unnecessary bracing that gave the hull its legendary durability. In 4006, Samuel Harkness purchased the first four production Standard Propulsion ER-16.A racing engines for Zero Gravitas, necessitating the addition of new bracing around the engine bays. By strengthening shielding around the reactor and upgrading containment components, the vessel's reactor output was boosted twenty percent to push the new engines to maximum capacity. In early 4007, Zero Gravitas was ready for trials.


Zero Gravitas outperformed her builder's straight-line performance estimates by a significant margin, achieving a peak thrust to total mass ratio of more than 6/1. However, the ship's long hull and aft-mounted engines put her turn performance well below that of many competitors on the 50-meter circuit.

Racing HistoryEdit

Zero Gravitas entered the 50-meter circuit at the beginning of the 4008 season, was the first rookie ship to top the championship leaderboard in 50-Meter-Class Racing history, and has claimed the record for longest first podium finish streak from the Red Shift.

  • 4008 season
    • Integrated Logistics Tomin Kora Short Course (1st Place)
    • Integrated Logistics Tomin Kora Straight Run (1st Place)
    • Integrated Logistics Tomin Nebula Endurance Run (1st Place)
    • Ungstir Belt Run (3rd Place)
    • First Third Bank Of G'ahnlo Deserata Course (2nd Place)
    • Sol System Classic (1st Place)
    • Sivad Grand Prix (2nd Place)
    • G'ahnlo Grand Prix (DNF - engine failure)